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Rony S

I am really impressed with my nutritionist Haleh. I told her from the get go that I have tried two sports nutritionist before and was not happy with the way they carried themselves nor with the lack of results and care. I told Haleh from the beginning with regards to my rare condition and that I will try her for 2 months before I make a decision to continue with her or not. Being an engineer I was impressed with her plan and detailed/systematic approach. That was a plus to hear and see from my first consultation visit with her. What impressed me the most is her being transparent with me during my first consultation visit with her and by stating that she might not have answer(s) or solution(s) since I was her first client with this condition. That tells a lot about who she is, her values, morals and ethics. Two weeks pass by since my first visit and I have already seen improvements which is really exciting. Haleh is very diligent with her follow ups, her write up of what was discussed and with the nutritional plans. She has a lovely personality and down to earth demeanor and she makes it easy to anyone to connect with her. I am not the kind that I am impressed easily and with that Haleh earned her trust and credibility with me. I highly recommend her since she is a wonderful human being, experienced and well-rounded nutritionist.


Dr. T.G.
In the process of discovering that I had an autoimmune disorder, which has severely impacted my ability to absorb vital nutrients, I asked for a nutrition referral and this is how I found Haleh. I am so glad that I did and wished that it had been sooner. Hands down, Haleh has done more for me in a few short months than other providers I have seen. I love her. She is a joy to be around and a wealth of information. She definitely knows her “stuff” and will bend over backwards to get you the information that you need to feel better. My lab values are slowly improving. While, we are all still in the process of figuring out what is going wrong. I give Haleh all of the credit for the improvement!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.


Tamar W
I can hardly believe how much more at peace I feel after yesterday’s session with Haleh. Haleh is very patient and has wonderful listening skills; I feel like she really hears me and she addresses my questions thoughtfully and compassionately. We covered a lot of ground in reviewing my current eating choices, and digging down into how to meet my personal nutritional and health needs while satisfying the need for “comfort and cocooning” during the encroaching days of winter. Haleh’s educated and brilliant suggestions are so practical and doable, and they mesh perfectly with my philosophies and inclinations so it is something that I can, and will, easily fit into my daily life choices. I’m so happy that she was able to make a recommendation that would turn a long-time-favorite winter breakfast choice into one that is healthy and wholesome and even better than before! Thank you Haleh!


John D.
I’ve been counting calories for as long as I can remember, as a way to lose weight. But all that counting never helped me lose the weight, and in fact it’s slowly climbed over the years. Along with my A1C values. Since I started talking to Haleh about nutrition, I’ve been able to stop taking one daily medication, and cut another one by 50%. And I’ve lost a few pounds. I’ve stopped counting numbers and have instead thought about food and nutrition in a different and less adversarial way, and Haleh’s given me new food and supplement suggestions that help. I’ve even had friends comment that my skin looks great — I never thought or cared about my skin’s appearance before but I guess that’s gotten better too! Haleh listens, and has very help insights from her professional and personal experience. I look forward to each visit, because for the first time in a long time I’m seeing positive results from my efforts!


Holy S
Haleh is amazing! I have been seeing her for over a month now and my relationship with food has evolved and changed quite dramatically with her calm, intelligent and thoughtful guidance. Having battled Lyme Disease and multiple co-infections for nearly half my life, my immune system is shot and my energy level is low. Haleh’s compassion with my situation makes it so much easier to trust taking her advice and following her “game plan,” not to mention it seems to be working wonders on how I feel. I am excited to see where my journey with Haleh takes me, but if the first month is anything like the rest, it will turn out amazing!


Cindee C
I usually don’t write reviews but in Haleh’s case I wanted to make an exception. She is honestly one of the most knowledgeable and helpful people I have met in regard to nutrition coaching. After needing to drop a lot of extra weight after foot surgery, she has given me a clear and concise plan that I have put into action effortlessly and I’m already feeling better. I also appreciate the fact that she doesn’t just do a “data dump” during our appointments, but actually listens to how my life really works, then helps me build a foundation that doesn’t crumble the moment I leave her office. Each time, I have walked away inspired and excited to take on the new challenge she’s presented. I have complete confidence that between her knowledge and my commitment, we will together achieve my weight loss goals. If you’ve tried to do this on your own like I have, I would highly recommend you give her a try.


Christina R
I started seeing Haleh after witnessing my husband have immediate and excellent results after a few appointments with her. The changes to his diet and routine were relatively small, but so effective. The first time I met with Haleh, she identified with many of my personal struggles,and told me not to compare myself to my husband; my journey would look very different and likely take longer as a woman, but assured me I would see results. It was such an encouraging conversation! I came into Haleh’s office feeling quite knowledgable about nutrition (or perhaps just confused), yet each time I meet with her I leave with a wealth of information that is new and so exciting, and always livable. Her approach is very natural and based on whole foods, she does not ask her clients to purchase multiple supplements which I appreciate. I’m still on the journey, but one of the primary changes I’ve noticed is that I now enjoy eating differently; my relationship with food has become much more healthy. I always enjoy time with Haleh; she is joy to be around! Our sessions never feel clinical, but rather like meeting with wonderful friend…a friend that just happens to be a smart, kind, and passionate nutritionist.


Gloria O
I look forward to my appointments with Haleh. Her thorough explanations are easy to understand and follow. Her manner of taking things step by step makes sense and gives time for the body to adjust. This is a big change from the past experiences where I met with a diabetic nutritionist who gave me some sample meals, we talked for about fifteen minutes and that was it. Needless to say changes weren’t noted and motivation to follow instructions waned with time. With Haleh’s suggestions I see some result even if just a small change, but I believe that if I continue following her suggestions changes will come. We shall see.


Lee Anne C
I’ve been seeing Haleh for six months now, and I can see a change in my attitude and my body. I am making the progress I’ve been unable to make in the last 20 years. She is so great to work with – and incredibly knowledgeable!


Sacha P
Haleh does an amazing job of explaining how the foods you eat impact the way your body functions. More importantly she’s great at taking your personal circumstances and finding practical ways to integrate healthy eating into your real life without feeling like you are sacrificing anything. Baby steps that actually add up quickly, if you will, as opposed to big drastic changes that leave you craving things you can’t have and set you up to fail. I really appreciate her flexibility and creativity to take the things I love that might not be so great for me and find ways to keep them in my life while still being healthy.


Linda C. ,  NOAA
Thanks for the ah ha moment. You were awesome yesterday- and that’s not just me saying so. Many people came by the health unit or emailed me about how much they liked your presentation. I think everyone took something away from your talk, it was so balanced that we probably all had our own ah ha moment.


Sue M
It was reluctance that I tried yet another nutritionist since most I’ve seen were dreadful. But Haleh is so different in a very good way. Her approach is holistic and educational and wanting to bring my body back to a state of health and balance, not a number on a scale or a calorie count. There are no pre-printed diets that she hands to everyone no matter why they’re there. Everything is personalized for my own situation, health, lifestyle and I could not be happier with her. I understand things about my metabolism now that nobody every took the time to teach me. I *highly* recommend her!


Emily L
Dealing with numerous professionals in the medical industry for the last seven years has proven to be a very difficult process when trying to find the right individuals to help me recover after a life changing incident. My first meeting with Haleh proved that I had made the right choice. She makes me feel welcome, intently listens, and brings a mountain of knowledge and research to the table during every appointment. I am very fortunate to have found Haleh and am very excited that she is now a part of my medical team. If you are looking for someone who will make it their mission to help you with your mission, well, look no further.


Kate D
I’ve done diets that required me to control my body and force it to do what I want, and it stopped working. This is totally different — Haleh helps me make changes so that my body and I are working together, while also acknowledging the impacts of emotions on my appetites and hormones. I feel freed from sadistic diet plans!

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