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Every adventure starts with a step, and by being here YOU ARE getting closer towards your HEALTH.

At some point or another we all have asked ourselves “why isn’t this working for me?” We search the web, subscribe to the newest blogs, try new diets/detox methods, eat 3 times a day, cut out grain, add raw milk, fast for days…. and each time we tell ourselves if we just try a little bit HARDER next time, we will get there.

Most of us never get there. So we grow tired and more disappointed of ourselves and our bodies. And this time we decide to go “all out” and “not care”.

I’m here to tell you a different story. While you are trying to “get there”, what happens is that you are  getting farther away from your body and the message it is trying to give you. We are built to fight against the resistance and if our body doesn’t want to get there, we are going to push against it.

I always ask this question of my clients: “have you ever watched a new born baby?” They cry, they eat, they poop, they sleep!  They do this cycle over and over again. If you travel to another continent and watch a new born in the far East, you will see the same pattern.” That is what I call “A body’s intuition; this is our blueprint”.

The blueprint is like an original map that can get us close to our true health. However, somewhere along the way, we forget that the key to our health is with us.

I, too, have been there before! Not knowing where to begin and looking for a “fix it” solution. I never found it till I really let go and followed the clues that my body was giving me. I choose the name HONU to remind myself everyday, that what we need is already within us, specially when it comes to health.

Honu is Hawaiian for sea turtle. A honu’s ability to always find its way home makes it a remarkable symbol of navigation. They stand for good luck, peace, endurance and long life.

I’m READY for you, are you WILLING to take this trip with me?

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